coronavirus outbreak

coronavirus outbreak

coronavirus outbreak
covid 19
The coronavirus outbreak has spread so much that everyone has stopped coming out of the house as if you all know that due to Corona, Luck Dawn is going on in the whole country and all the people of Noikona have stopped. I want to tell you what all people should do and how to avoid all these, we will keep reading your blog and keep knowing new information. They are aware of what is happening in the country bar

The coronavirus has spread so much that the date of red is increasing daily and it is spreading so much that it is taking the name of prevention as if all of you are aware that we all have to take care of you and your family People also have to explain how the people are getting stuck due to the corona, so you people should also come from anywhere and wash their hands.

coronavirus India
Just like you can tell people like coronavirus India, how much this corona is spreading and our scientist people are engaged in finding a cure for it and this virus is spreading 

so much that the name of prevention is not being taken and you must know that India I have been lucky but even though the rate of the people is not working and the rate of the people is increasing, the root virus has not spread in India, but there is a failure here. Is

How to avoid Coronavirus

 how to avoid coronavirus Yanki COVID 19 How to avoid Coronavirus is that you have a lot of phlegm and head pain. Go and check

To avoid corona, all of you should pay attention to cleanliness and if you feel the phlegm in the neck of the people, then take a glass of water called pulses in the boil, it would be that if you guys are all virus, then you can They may be over, I want to tell you all that you can wear masks and wash them with hats after arrival so that if you do not give anything away, then it will be spread to you. Have become

how the coronavirus spreads

how the coronavirus spreads may you want to tell people how the coronavirus spreads, coronavirus may spread to each other and if anything beats a man from a corona Viru, then the corona spreads in dew summons. And if someone chooses that summons, then he also gets coronavirus. 

If he is easy to wash after picking it, then a man who has spread the virus has got corona, then it can be left for 7 days or 10 days. Find Nai shows why he Vekti then accidentally spread Corona the only other people in the way it spreads coronavirus

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