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computer hard disk

computer hard disk

computer hard disk

Hello friends, I will tell you about the computer drive today and all kinds of information will be provided so that you will know, so let's know what is the computer drive and how to fix the computer drive and the rest of the information about the computer drive
So let's know that the computer drive is a part of the computer that runs the computer and collects all its data,

 it happens that the data of the people are saved in it, with the help of you people collect the data and all You can restore information. Computer drive is a simple drive that lives on the computer and you can check it and you can hack any data in it.

May you tell people that a computer drive is a drive that holds all the data of the computer and maintains it, which you people can restore and restore it.

 It works to understand the computer drive. You people need to know about the RAM ROM of the computer, if you know about the RAM ROM, then you have been told completely.

Why does a computer need a hard drive?

computer hard disk

computer hard disk

I want to tell you why the computer needs a hard drive, the computer is a hard drive accessor because you guys have a keyboard and warts on the computer. 

In playing games, the computer is a part of the hard drive. The job is to run the computer and drive it to the caravan, then you must have understood why the computer increases the capacity of the hard drive.

Friends, the hard drive computer is an ISA part, because of which: it works, you tell people why the computer hard drive is located in the computer, because the computer's data is inhabited by it and it runs to the computer like

 If you download anything from Google, that game music or anything, the computer hard drive collects it, but not all of them in the computer, but hearted The drive is downloaded and remains the same, this is the hard drive, I think you guys must have understood and what I have told you guys.

Can a computer work without a hard drive?

May you tell people that you can run a computer without a hard drive, but on the computer, you cannot do much work as if you have installed a hard drive in the computer and you cannot run it, I will tell you Two, how did you go to 

the computer of the people, if you went to the computer of the people, but in that, you only opened the bio, if you want to drink, the computer of the hard drive is running. So you guys can work

Just like you can use a pen drive on your computer, you can use the pen drive by making it bootable and you people started running the computer.

types of hard disk

May you tell the people how many types of hard drives are there in the computer, there are 4 types of hard drives in the computer. May I tell you the names.

Serial ATA (SATA)
Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)
Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
Solid State Drive (SSD)

These are the types of computer hard drives and you know-how many types of hard drives are there in the computer

hard disk definition

  A computer hard disk is a part of the computer that runs the computer and maintains all the data on the computer. The definition of the hard disk is that the hard drive only works badly. Whatever we do to the computer Computer hard drives get all the work done

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