computer parts name | part name of computer

computer parts name

computer parts name

computer parts name
Today I will tell you about the computer part, how and what you can do in your computer, so let's know what part of the computer is there and what parts are there in it and what are the uses of all of them. Let's know this too

In the most prevalent way, you give basic information to the people about the types of computers, in this, you will tell the people and how can you use them, then I can give you 5 types of computers

 computer type 

1. Desktop computer
2. Microcomputer
3. Main Frame Computer
4. Mini Computer
5. Supercomputer

computer parts name
part of computer

These are all types of computers and I may tell people how to use it and I will tell you, people, so let's know what they are used for and how you use them.

First of all, you guys know how much computer parts are there and what they are useful for.
Which part is required on the computer? Which part is required?

computer part 

1. Printed
2. Monitor
3. The mouse
4. The keyboard

All these parts are necessary for the computer and they do all the work, so let's know that the main part of the computer is printed, which makes it run, the work of printing and running the computer is

And the work of the monitor is to see the screen, you will not be able to do the monitor, then you will not be able to do anything. The screen looks like what you are doing as if you are watching the video.

Keyboard work is to write what you people write with the help of keyboard

The task of the mouse is that you can click the logo anywhere on

 your computer

 CPU part

How many parts of the asset are there and what work they do, I will tell you
So let's know the part of the suspense, so let's know

1. Mode board
2. Computer processor
3. Computer SMPS
4. Garfield
This is all part of CPU and they all run
So I think you guys must have known about the computer part and commented about the computer information.

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