How to do computer repairing | computer repairing

How to do computer repairing

computer repairing

It is definitely necessary to go to computer repairing and I will tell you all how you can do computer repairing and that too repairing the computer at home. If you are able, then let's know about repairing a computer

You can repair the computer easily, I will tell you how you can easily fix your computer in your home too.

computer repairing

The computer turned off repeatedly

If your computer bar is running then there is no need to take any tension, you people can easily fix your computer, 

so let's know how to fix your computer, you have to open your CPU. After CPU, her rem will grow, her growth will increase, she will rub it in the lips and lightly cleans her, apply two rams to her raam.

How to install a window 7 on the computer

Installing a window on the computer is very easy, it can be done by someone, so let's know how we can install it,

 for this, you need to install the logo window, you people can download the window from Google I will tell you to search in 

Google download window рен then go and download, then put it in a CD, then load it in your computer and you restart your computer Then Feb. 10 press must give permission for then select then DVD Drive what they say then you have the computer open Hogle

How to make the window feel DVD dell

You can use Nero software to insert a window file into a DVD.

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