how to lower your blood pressure | blood pressure measurement

how to lower your blood pressure

how to lower your blood pressure
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Hello friends, today I will tell you about the blood pressure, how can all of you improve the blood pressure and prevent it from happening? May tell you that blood pressure is a dangerous disease that can happen to any person and It becomes a matter of concern for us, how can we avoid blood pressures from happening, I will tell you, people, to come, so let's start

Symptoms of high blood pressure

  1. Dizziness
  2. Headache
  3. Left chest pain
  4. Difficulty in walking and running
  5. Skin redness
  6. Nakhon ka Dhundla Ban and Flame Vision
  7. Blood in urine and blood in the urine

If all this is an expression of blood pressure, then you understand that you have got blood pressure. This is all a blunder of blood pressure. I think you have already told people how to tell blood pressure. So if you guys have blood pressure, then you will see these big bangs

How can I be a blood pressure

  1. Bodyweight
  2. Tension
  3. Environmental factor
  4. Family history
  5. Kidney disease
  6. The normal knot in body

All this happened, it may be more difficult than usual, there may be some reason, I will also tell you the reason if you do not take tension, then let us know which is the reason.

Other reasons

  1. Frozen herd disorder
  2. Thyroid disorder
  3. Medications' side effects
  4. Illegal drug use
  5. Use of Sarab or Dhumar pan

May I tell you that you are all this, then with this card, you are getting blood pressure from the people, you increase this blood pressure. If you want to fix your blood pressure, then climb it all.

  1. Liver of blood pressure
  2. Normal 120 / 60mm hg
  3. elevated 128/80 mm Hg
  4. stage 1 139/89 mm hg
  5. stage 2 180 + / 90+ mm hg
  6. Hypertension 160/120

This is all the level of blood pressure if you people are up to stage 2, then you can save yourself, you cannot escape the characters, because of my conviction, if you see any symptoms, then you can just go to the doctor

To avoid blood pressure

  1. Do it every day and drink a glass of water
  2. Daily use fruit fiber
  3. Use work called
  4. If you can consume more water
  5. If you can use the human pan to work, then leave it
  6. Work weight
  7. If you guys do all this then you definitely have a blood presser Kam...
  8. Let me tell you what you want to avoid, blood pressure
  9. First of all, you people don't have to use Dhoom pan
  10. Do not eat too much oil
  11. Also do not eat the flour material
  12. Use sugar work to work

What shall we cover in this blog? May I tell you people, so let's
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