What are the basics of computer? | Computer base connection

 What are the basics of computer?

What are the basics of computer?
computer besic

Hello friends, today I want to tell people about computer basics about how you can do computer and will also cover the base thing, so let's learn how we do it by computers and you can easily compete You can do that too for free, so let's start with the basic information for computers. All of you, people will know how to use it and you can run a computer.

Computer base connection

 If you bring a new computer, then how will we sonet it, in this, we will tell you that how do we sonet a new computer, then let us the know-how we will sonet your computer. 

You must have given the clip to your people to monitor and CPU, after that you connect your keyboard and mouse to the CPU, after that, you can also connect the speaker for the sound. Ha Basic Sturt connection

How to use a computer

It is very easy to use a computer. You can use any computer, you can use it too, how can I tell it easily? It is not a good thing to use it if you want people to walk the mobile. 

So, you too can do it, just run once, so you people also started to feel comfortable running the computer and you could easily run the computer.

how to use a computer keyboard

If you want to use the keyboard, then it may increase, you will teach people the reason for using the keyboard today, so let's use the keyboard for typing on the computer and you can easily type 

it, so some basic code of the keyboard to It is as if Alt and F4 are allowed to shut down the computer, so much of the whole cod is there, in another blog for you people, Daedong is just this use...

how to use a computer for beginners

 How to run a bigger, a computer should use only basic things like strings in a computer, such as a song gold or how to watch a video, how to make a folder, all of these should be used in the starting and then you may proceed.

 I will tell people how to make a folder. To make a folder, the best way is to make a folder. If you click on the new folder, then you have become the folder of the people, all of them should learn the Beginner user.

basic computer training manual free download

Just like if you want to download the manual for free, you can do the logo for free, I will help you guys how can you download the manual for free.

 Or installing Google will increase, after that you will search in Cromme, whatever you want to download, you can easily download Manual with ease. Programming that is a free way to download Menaul in

computer basics worksheet pdf

If you want to make a basic worksheet, then I will help you people and you can easily create a worksheet, you can use the MS office to create a work seat and you can easily create a work seat, that too easily. You can create it by going to Word or even in Excel, you can make the ones you want.

Computers Price

May I tell you the rad of some computer, you can use it and save it easily, so let's know

1. You can take different parts of the computer, in the price, you have got a good computer.

2. hp computer you people got comfortable from 25000 to 50000

3. Wintech WT1954  ₹ 12,490 

4. Wintech AIO ) ₹ 13,490

 5. Lenovo PC Computer ₹ 1.30 Lacs 

6. Dell Optiplex 3060 Desktop  40000 

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